White Knights and Dark Days

Scene 2 Wrap UP

Here's the Karma wrap up for the tutorial run.

I decided on values, then made up accolades. the totals reflect major contributions. If you feel they’re too much too little, feel free to appeal, or ask the group what you can do better/did too much of. 5 is needs improvement, 6 is fine through good, 7 is great, and 8 is impressive.

Alexander – 5:3 (R:G)
Shhh – You got shock punched for sassing. I was amused. Red
Help is on the way! – Trying to save the guy Nameless shot. Green
Chill out – You found and calmed the children. Green
Table flop – Mind control and glitches are pretty hilarious. Red.
Master of minds – So many attempts at casting. Useful too. Green

Linus – 4:4
Nerd out of water – Fled every single fight, despite being arguably the most competent for them. Green
Astral traveler – Way to take to the system and learn how astral works and how magic works, and do them both well. Red
Fire master – Pretty far overboard on summoning, I was greatly amused. Red
Barrier breaker – again, critical glitches amuse me. Red
Scientist and a nerd – good dialogue and reasoning. Green

Nameless – 3:3
Bullets. Bullets everywhere. – You shot everyone you could get away with shooting. Red
Thanks, jerk – You immediately shot an unarmed man with the bullets Yulong gave you after a lecture about non-violence. Red
J/K – You gave Yulong and Alexander heart attacks. Green
Robo-talker – good dialogue, good roleplaying. Green
Name calling – amusing interactions with Yulong, and interesting results. Green

Skip – 3:4
Kaboom – you blew up everything. I approve. Red
Hillbilly – General dialogue excellence. Everything I read is funny. Well done. Green
Minefield – Even after trying to blow everything up, you still rigged up two more bombs, just because. Red
Paintballin’ – I like your use of positioning and scouting.

Zin – 2:4
Blamm-O! – Excellent shooting. Red
Hello, Operator – Smooth talked pretty much everyone. Good making use of your skills. Green
On track – Always on topic, and thinking reasonably. Good suggestions and dialogue. Green
Just a minute, ma’am – Tried to pump Lilith for information. Dangeresque. I approve. Red

Yulong – 3:5
You shall (not) pass – Ok, yeah, so you let Lilith kill some guys. It was a good effort. Red
Come with me if you want to live – Attempting to convince Alexander to leave, but then being disgusted with him. Realistic. Green
The great wheel – Lecturing Nameless, hilarious. Green
Mmmm okra – eating vegetarian, nice touch. Green
What’s over here? – Creepin’ and discoverin’ the shed. Red

Skills can be increased up to a point with just karma. Anything that cannot be defaulted on needs a trainer contact. Those can be bought with money or karma.

Same with attributes. body from 2 to 3 just means you jog more. body from 5 to 6 means you need to invest seriously in healthy foods, exercise, and specific routines, so that’ll require a trainer as well.

Any questions about how much X costs, or what you can do with X, or something like, “hey, I want X, how do we make it happen?” I welcome. Let me know what you, as players want, and I’ll try to make it happen. After all, this is about your characters in my world, not my world, as it relates to your characters.

Yes, red karma is how contacts are leveled, foci and lodges are made, character world expansion is done, and can be used to help secure exceedingly rare goods and services faster and easier. New attributes seem pretty expensive, I’ll have to think over how much they cost. Honestly I haven’t looked much at the way karma is spent according to the book, so I’ll have to do that, and then reconcile the two systems.

FYI, level up maths:
INCREASE SKILL = 2 x Next level

Yulong: Kevin, I went ahead and split all of my skill groups, because there’s no way I’m going to drop like 30 karma leveling those shits up. I bought 3 specializations: Sprinting, Swords, and Diplomacy. Let me know if you think I need to work for those, but I think they follow pretty well from his natural lifestyle. I would like to put my red karma towards finding Haku, not really sure how you want that to work. Maybe its more of a roleplaying aspect.

[ Yulong has begun to turn the wheel of his red karma. ]

So for his ‘green’ karma, Skip could always learn a bit more about explosives, since it appears he immensely enjoys that sort of thing.Specifically, he could get better at making explosives in things that look like other things.

As stuff goes, that’s going straight into the fancy-ing up his Charger, because that’s the only other thing he puts any effort into. It’d be pretty awesome if that sucker was bulletproof.

So I am thinking that Linus doesn’t quite have enough green karma (5 I think) to up what I’d want to up, so he’s going to hold on to it for the time being.

Red Karma’s going to get spent in magical ways that I don’t understand, but let’s say that 2 red karma goes to developing his interactions with Sanjay. Sanjay isn’t yet close enough to be trusted with the location of Linus’ secret lodge in a storage unit in North Durham, but he’s getting there.

3 more red karma are going into Linus’ laboratory. Not sure how karma pays, but Linus really needs to work on making a focus of some kind (hopefully one appropriate to his tradition). He also is growing vats of cultured bacteria for continued work on quantum turbulence.

[ Linus has begun to discover his red karma. ]

Nameless: I need me some memories! but I don’t want to just wake up with them returned. I’m on a motherfucking quest to find whoever stole them from me and kick some ass til I get ’em back.

[ Nameless has triggered his red karma. ]

Yulong: I believe the funds got distributed on the character sheets, it’s 10k between the 6 of us.

Put the finishing touches on Skip’s character sheet: Improved body to 4 to account for invincible hillbilly stock, added another good contact, Billy Mackenzie, and improved his rifle and demolitions skills to account for the fact that these are apparently two of his favorite things. I figure expanding his demolitions stockpile and souping up his two vehicles, a Dodge Charger and a GAZ P-179 transport truck, are good things for him to pursue during the game. I’m going to go through and add our reward to everyone’s character sheet.



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