White Knights and Dark Days

Scene 1 Wrap Up

I’d like to take a minute to talk about Karma, the intangible
currency. In my game, I’ll be using two kinds. I’m basing it off
some Hindu bullshit I learned while getting my equally bullshit
degree. One is positive Karma through good living and lifestyles,
which we’ll be calling green Karma. The other is red Karma, which
will be earned from unexpected, surprising, badass, or ingenious
actions. Green Karma can be spent on your character’s skills,
abilities, and contacts. In other words, improving your self. Red
Karma can be spent on improving your world and items. In other words,
improving your chances and potential. Red Karma will likely function
differently for everyone. For example, Linus can spend his GK on
developing his lab skills, and then use his RK to either ease the
locating and purchasing of new equipment, or pour his heart and soul
(and RK) into an experiment. Cyborg can use RK to recover memories or
try to find newer, better, cyberware. He can use GK to learn how to
take care of his parts better. Yulong can use GK to learn more skills,
and RK to acquire magical doodads or buy hints about his long-lost
sword he’s looking for. Hopefully you get the idea. So, the
breakdown, where I make things up and give you Karma accordingly. The
names mean nothing, just fun for me. In the future, the breakdowns
will be larger numbers, and not as even, depending on what you do.
That doesn’t mean do random shit so I reward you, just play exactly as
you want and be helpful, and I’ll reward you for it.

Slick and Well Dressed – I really liked your character fleshing out.
I also appreciate the level of social status and involvement you gave
him. +1 GK
C’mon Man! – Your contact wasn’t helpful, but you staying in character
the whole time, and I was not expecting that call. +1RK

Sticking to your RoboGuns – you said nothing. It was hilarious, and I
approve. +1 GK
SNAP! – you critically failed to push a pompous elf, but the attempt
was appreciated. +1RK

First Adopter – Your staying in character and enthusiasm are
unrivaled, and I appreciate that. +1GK
Google-Fu – Nice use of contact, very specific questioning, helped me
a lot to figure out what to provide. +1RK

I Come from a Land Out Yonder – Great character, great dialogue so
far. You’ve clearly done this before. +2GK (cause he helped so
Trust No One – Super thorough inspections, unexpected checks, keeps me
on my toes. +1RK

Know your Role – Excellent character development and integration.
Good story, good dialogue. +1GK
Brotherly Love – You told Yulong to shut up and progress the story, and
then checked for footprints in a schoolyard. Awesome. +1RK

Yokel – I loved the post you made, very well done, fleshed out the
character a great deal, and made me laugh. Way to add an event to the
timeline that totally fit. +2GK

As a final note, I’ll be adding your Karma points to your character sheets. And, per new thoughts and good ideas, each scene will feature a special award, a GM chosen award for whatever I feel is appropriate, for whatever reasons I feel like giving it out.

GM Special goes to Linus. For excellent character development, perfect acting, great use of contacts, interesting questions, complicated choices, and overall enthusiams. +2 Karma of your choosing. Well done Linus.

That’s it! On to part 2!



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